• August 18, 2020
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10 Essential Documents When Traveling Abroad | Do not Miss Those Documents

The world is more connected than ever. We need to travel continuously from one place to another. To travel, we need to prepare countless documents.

However, there are some documents that are very important for your travel. Before traveling, make sure you have the necessary documents with you. Today I will share 10 essential documents that are important on your trip.

1. Your passport and travel visa

Suppose you are traveling somewhere, and when you arrive at the airport from home, you see that you do not have a passport or visa paper. Neither I nor you would want to be in such an embarrassing situation.

There is a big difference between leaving your debit card at home and leaving your passport behind. This can cancel out your entire travel plan. So before you leave home, make sure you have your passport and visa with you.

2. Driving license

If you are thinking of traveling somewhere by road, the first document you will need is a driving license. If you want to drive somewhere outside the country, your license is very important.

 When packing your backpack, check to see if you have your International Driving License with you.

3. Health Certificate

At the present time, we are suffering from the Corona pandemic. The immigration authorities of different countries are much stricter than before when it comes to travel. Follow the guidelines of the country you are traveling to. Collect all types of health certificates before traveling.

There are many countries that want to know if you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. If not, be sure to get a certificate with the vaccine before traveling.

4. Printed boarding pass

There are many airlines that do not accept electronic passes. Moreover, there are some problems in keeping airline boarding pass on the smartphone. For example, the battery of your mobile may suddenly run out of charge or the desired file may not be open, including a variety of other problems.

So in the case of travel, you must get the airline boarding pass printed. Otherwise, unforeseen events may occur. If you have a printed boarding pass, you will be safe in case of any technical fault of the airline.

5. Arrival Details

You may need to give the Immigration Authority your previous address and the address of the place where you will travel. So keep all the information in advance. Collect the name, address, street number, and zip code of the hotel you will be staying at.

It is best if you keep a printed copy of your hotel booking details with you. Then immigration is free from any unwanted incidents. You may think that all these documents can be carried on mobile, but in my opinion, you must keep a copy of the printed version with the paper to stay on that site.

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6. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important travel documents. You must show travel insurance documents when traveling abroad. Although most of the time the Immigration Authority will not want to see your travel insurance. y

You must take the travel insurance documents to be the safe side.

Because, if for any reason you fail to show proper travel insurance documents then you have to bear all kinds of backup costs. So it is best if you print out your travel insurance papers.

7. Solvency Documents

Some countries may want to look into your financial status when traveling. They will check your financial capacity before issuing your visa and even want to see your financial capacity when you complete the immigration formality.

If you fail for any reason, you may be denied entry to that country. So keep your bank statement, or credit card statement with your other travel documents. Bank statements usually prove your financial capability. It is as important as all other documents and a printed copy is recommended.

8. Emergency Contact Information

There are many kinds of dangers in traveling. So it is wise to be prepared for possible dangers in advance. You must have an emergency contact number with you in any medical emergency or other emergency situation. This will save you from unwanted delays in emergencies.

During my summer vacation last year, I had an accident near Greece Airport. Fortunately, I already had all my emergency contact numbers in my wallet. A pedestrian sees that information and calls the emergency contact number. For this reason, I could be hospitalized quickly. A very small decision in an emergency can save your life.

So before you go anywhere, take a copy of Print Emergency Contact Details. This will help you in a variety of situations. If possible, write down your permanent address along with your emergency contact number.

9. Travel Destinations Information

Make a list of where you will travel. Your full travel information doesn’t have to be bulky, but you must keep it short and concise. Attach all travel-related information to your Microsoft Word file. This information may not be of any immediate use to you, but it will be very useful in an emergency situation.

10. Keep Extra Copy of Documents

Multiple copies of your passport, visa and travel insurance may be required at various places at the airport, including immigration. In that case, if you do not have extra copies in advance, you will get in trouble. So it would be wise to take a few extra copies with you.

What Should Keep in Mind?

Keep all the above-mentioned documents with you before traveling anywhere. Before leaving home, check if you have taken all the documents.

Carrying so many documents together can be a hassle, so get all the documents together. This will save you the hassle of searching for documents in many places.

Once you arrive at your destination, keep all the documents you need in the hotel safe in the locker. If no safe space is available, keep the documents with you at all times. Always be careful not to lose your documents in any way.

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