• September 19, 2020

5 Important Steps to Follow before Checkout the Hotel | Your Complete Guide to Processes

Instantly check out the hotel once we are done with our business. But a few things you need to double-check before heading towards your home. These etiquettes will save you time and money. Don’t forget to check out all these points next time you check out to a hotel.

Checkout in exact time:

Check out at the exact time what you plan for. Sometimes delay to a few minutes can cost an extra day charge. If you need to stay a bit longer, call the hotel reception right away. Tell them your situation and negotiate the payment for the stay of extra hours.

Check the Hotel Room before Checkout

Some of us tend to rush in check out. Don’t do that; double-check the hotel room before you leave. If you don’t check the room thoroughly, you might go some of your valuable possession. In case if you have an early morning flight, backup everything at night. So, you don’t have to be panicked in the morning.

You need to leave some valuable documents such as a passport to the hotel reception. Don’t forget to get your ticket from the reception desk before you check out.

Read Your itemized Bill.

If you don’t have enough time, you may leave the itemized bill unchecked. You should check all the itemized bills to find out whether II the hotel charge more than advertised. Many hotels tend to charge more what they claim. If you check ok all the itemized bill, you can ask them for additional charges.

You have the option to take legal actions if they charge more. So, before checking out, make sure you read all the bills.

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Ignore Cash Payment and Debit Card

You will not realize the hotel overcharged you until you get your itemized bill. It would be a good idea to pay your bill with a credit card. Sometimes you may find difficulty in payment with cash. As you know, you are always carrying cash risky. You never know when you can get mugged.

On the other hand, if you pay your bill with the debit card, your card information can be stolen. In many cases, police found out; perpetrators exploit debit card information. In debit card, the security isn’t up to the mark. So, it will be a good idea to pay your bills with a credit card. In credit cards, any suspicious activity gets court immediately.

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Don’t use hotel transportation.

This advice applies to all budget travelers. If you are in budget and want to save a few bucks, don’t use Hotel transportation. Typically Hotel cabs charge a lot as compared to ride-sharing services. In this case, you can use uber to reach the airport. Before checking out, call an Uber to reach your destination.

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You can tip some bucks to housekeeping guys once you checkout. It would be a kind gesture need to be followed. You can also write remarks along with the tips. It will encourage them.

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