• April 24, 2021

Best 10 Airlines of 2021 | Some of the Finest Airlines in the World | Enjoy your Fly

Every year an event takes place called “World Airline Award” where they announce the best airline of the year and along with that they also reveal a list of 10 airlines that did a great job. However, if you are interested in knowing what are the best 10 airlines, this very guide is for you where we have discussed all those 10 airlines.
So should we get started then?

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways were declared as the best airline of 2019. It was established in 1993 and as the name suggests, it is from Qatar.
qatar airways
This airline was certified as the 5-star airline by SkyTrax. They have their coverage over 150 destinations in the entire and have a large group of aircraft that consists of more than 200 top-notch aircraft.
This airline does have some codeshare agreements with some other airlines worldwide. Not only that, they have a codeshare agreement on the train system as well. Oneworld airline alliance is the 3rd large global alliance in the world and Qatar airways have become a part of that in 2013. In fact, they were the first big airline to join this alliance. From first-class to, economy to business class, this airline has all the classes.
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2.Singapore Airline

This one was declared as the best airline in the world in 2018. Singapore airlines are the only well-known airline in Singapore. It is also a 5-start rating certified by the Skytrax rating.
Singapore Airline
In Asia, Singapore Airlines is considered as the best airline. This one is also best in the first-class airline category. They have introduced the A380 airbus in 2017, and it has several suites. Those suits on the upper deck are roomy enough, has both seat and bed.
Doubles suits are also available there. Singapore airline was established in 1972, from then to now, they are serving pretty well. It flies to 62 destinations on 5 continents. They offer some advantages such as carrier scoot cost is very low. Currently, Singapore airline has more than 120 aircraft.

3.ANA All Nippon Airways

Here comes one from Japan, the ANA ALL Nippon Airways. Founded in 1952, initially, it was domestic but later on it has gone international.
The first international flight was to Hong kong. According to the Skytrax rating 2019, this is the second-best airline company in Asia, right after the Singapore airline.
ANA ALL Nippon Airways flies to 97 destinations over the world and it has around 235 aircraft. This airline is a part of Star Alliance.

4.Cathay Pacific Airways

This one is Hong Kong-based airway, established in 1946. Though it took time for this airway to grow but by 1973 it was carrying a million passengers every year.
Like some top-quality airlines, this one also has codeshare agreements with different airlines. Plus, Cathay Pacific Airways has a codeshare agreement with the French high speedy trains.
This airline flies over 77 destinations in the world and has more than 150 aircraft. Not to forget Cathay Pacific is a part of the OneWorld Alliance.


Emirates is a highly popular airline company, they are also seen on a lot of events as a sponsor. It is a Dubai based airline company and undoubtedly, this is one of those airline companies that have grown at rocket speed.
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In the middle east, this is known as the second-best airline, the first best is Qatar airways.
Established in 1985 and as said above, it didn’t take much to grow popular. It flies over more than 161 destinations across 6 continents and 80 countries. It was certified as a 4-star airline by Skytrax.

6.Eva Air Airways

It is a Taiwanese international airline, established in 1989. Eva Air is the first-ever independent airline in Taiwan. In the beginning, it used to fly to Singapore, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta.
Eva Air Airways
Later it started flying to Vienna and from then Eva Air started to expand more. After 1990 they expanded very wide.
Eva air is a privately owned company and now it flies over more than 40 destinations. They have around 78 aircraft. Uni air is a subsidiary of the Eva Air which is placed in three different countries, Taiwan, China, and Macau.

7.Hainan Airways

Hainan Airlines was founded in 1993, it is one of the largest airline companies in China. The headquarter of this is at Haikou, Hainan. They fly over 51 destinations in the world, and it is also rated as a 5-start airline by Skytrax.

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8.Qantas Airway

Qantas, this isn’t a name. The full form is “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”. It is an Australian based airline company. It is the largest airline company in Australia.
Some people call this airline “flying kangaroo”. Established in 1920, pretty old, probably one of the oldest airline companies. Though it was founded in 1920 but it made its first international flight in 1935. The very first aircraft of this airway was the Avro 504k.


Lufthansa is an airline based in Germany, the headquarter is placed on Cologne.
Established in 1953, the operation commenced in 1955. This airline is one of the founders of Star Alliance which is the largest airline alliance in the world. Also, it is the co-founder of an Aviation-related company.
It has a bunch of subsidiaries such as Brussels, Swiss, and Austrian airlines. When this airline company is aligned with all the subsidiaries, it is the biggest airline in Europe. With more than 300 aircraft, this airline flies to 200 destinations across 35 countries.

10.Thai Airway

As you have already guessed, this is a Thailand Based airline company. In the beginning, it was a joint venture of Thailand’s domestic carrier and Scandinavian airlines. The operation started in 1960, initially, they were limited inside Asia. From 1971 they started the intercontinental service. It is part of Star Alliance which is the biggest airline alliance in the world. Thai airway has around 80 aircraft which flies over 74 destinations. It is a 4-start rated airline.

Final Words
Well, here are the Best 10 airlines. The list might change a bit but the top 5 is not going anywhere from the top 10 list anytime soon. Hope you get what you were looking for.

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