• August 28, 2020
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Best Cheap Hotels in London City 2020 | With Free Cancellation

London is an expensive city to visit compared to a European city like Budapest. Many expensive hotel and restaurant chains are available in London. But if you are on a tight budget, you need to find some affordable hotels in London.

In recent times, many small hotels offer accommodation for budget travelers. A massive number of budget travelers traveling around the world. The number keeps on rising every year. We have reviewed the top 5 cheap hotels in London.

Green Room

The green room Hotel is situated in North London. This hotel is famous among creative people such as writers and artists. They often offer a discount to creative people. From dormitories to private rooms, you will get a wide range of accommodation options.

I would especially recommend this hotel if you are looking for an extra cheap hotel. They offer a considerable discount from time to time. You need to keep your eye on their website to grab such deals.

This hotel is only 20 minutes walking distance from Central London. The British Museum is located beside this hotel. If you are looking for an affordable accommodation green room hotel will be perfect for you.

Z Hotel Holborn

You would get an experience of luxury at an affordable price. Their compact rooms are comfortable and luxurious. You don’t have to compromise any facilities such as TV, high-speed internet and so on. This hotel is located in a place where many famous British comedians started their careers.

All rooms are well decorated. A handcrafted bed and comfy environment will ensure sound sleep at night. Complimentary Wi-Fi offer to all the visitors of this hotel. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and offer complimentary tea and coffee from time to time.

This hotel can be a perfect place to discover Central London after dark.

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Motel One Tower Hill

Motel One tower Hill is known for its affordable price. They offer a fair price whenever you book the hotel. Some hotels increase the price in peak season. But you will never see such things with this hotel. A well-decorated room is always ready to serve the guest. You will get a premium feeling. The rooms of this hotel are relatively big as compared to other cheap hotels in London.

Standard rooms are decorated with a marble top table and well design sofas. Most importantly, you will get a nice and comfy bed. For a Traveller, it’s essential to get a good sleep at night. This hotel offers everything in an affordable price range.

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Mama Shelter

The name itself sounds quite interesting. Although this hotel comes into an affordable price range, they provide quality service to its customers. The hotel’s walkway will surprise you. You will see many fancy decorations which are almost nonexistent to many cheap hotels.

The room design looks a bit unorthodox. Hotel rooms are decorated with funny cartoon characters. Many different colors and shapes you can see all around. If you are into comic cartoon characters, I am sure you will like it. It will divert your mind from stress and depression for a while.

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