• October 21, 2020
India visit guide

Complete Guide to Visit India 2020 | India Travel Guide

If you think of traveling in India, take a breath for a socking visit guide. I travel to India around 5 times and enjoy some interesting things and also suck me some other things which you always avoid. If you are a newbie who wants to travel in India, of course, you proper guide as you called it India visit guide. But which think and places you should avoid for your health and enjoy time safety? You will get your all answer from this content.

However, today I am going to share with you 8 tips and tricks which allow you to get a proper guide. You can also call it as pros and cons. Whatever let’s start the guide right here. Please don’t forget to maintain the guide when you visit India.


  1. Try to eat fresh cook food: Sometimes I don’t find fast food and other food healthy. So, you need to avoid street or other foods despite fresh cook food. You can go to a restaurant for eating fresh food.
  2. Avoid street food: I highly recommend you to avoid street food when you visit in India. There are lots of food such as Pani puri, Jhal muri, etc. You should avoid them as much as possible. The street food does not come with quality food or safety food which may feel you sick. I think you understand why I suggest you avoid street food.
  3. You should consider becoming a vegetarian: You may know that India is a Hindu kingdom which also bans beef and other things. Sometimes they don’t clean the meat perfectly and the food quality also very bad. So, if you want to try Indian food you should consider becomes vegetarian food. It is also healthy for you to get the proper test.
  4. User your hand: You may think that I am joking with you. Am I right? No man, you can see that all persons use their hands to eat the food. It is truly great fun, but people enjoy it a lot. I think you can also enjoy it a lot when you use your own hand to eat food without any hassles.
  5. Be careful when you exchange the money: You must be aware of this section. Here so many people ready to steal your money. You can also cash your money via ATM because it never scams your information which is harmful to you. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.
  6. Bring Temple: India is a Hindu country, and there are so many temples you will achieve in this country. When you think that you need to visit the temple, you must bring some flowers. You can visit the temple during prayer time for looking for a unique view. You should not pay any bigger when you are going to the temple because of fake street biggers.
  7. Wear the earplug: India is also a crowdie country. The temple always crowds with people, especially in prayer time. The noise is also very high. So, if you want to avoid the noise, you should wear the plug when you are visiting the temple in India. The noise is very bad enough mixed with the crowd and other instruments.
  8. Make sure your bag weight won’t much: You may know that every country has a scale of weight which you can carry. Domestic India flights the weight limited 15 Kg. You need to carry less than 15 Kg of weight for easily visit with the airplane. The exchange bags fee you need to pay $5. After checking properly, then you can visit the states of this country.

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I hope that you can understand India visit guide. The rules you must follow for your strong safety. You can visit Goa for the beach and other states for seeing a different view. According to my experience, Indian has lots of harmful things, especially food. SO, you especially focus on your food. As I mention to you before about the food, you need to maintain. However, if you have any questions, please let me know the below comment box without any hassles.

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