• August 17, 2020
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How to Apply for a Canadian Visa in 2020 | Apply for Your Visa

Decided to visit Canada for grabbing new opportunities? There is no doubt that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries but apart from that, this very country is somewhat affordable as well, compared to others such as the USA. Plus, it is a peaceful and friendly country.

However, getting a Canadian visa isn’t that easy but if you can apply appropriately chances increases. If you have never applied for a visa before, it might feel very complex. And that is why you should go through this guide. You will at least get the basic idea about how to get a Canadian visa.  There are more than 70 visa options, we have mentioned the most popular ones.

Who Can Apply for Canadian Visa? 

Not everyone can apply for any visa. There are a few things that you need to have, these are very basic things you might already know about these. But still, we are going to mention them.

  • You will have to have a travel document that is valid, passport.
  • Health condition matters a lot, you will be in good health condition (unless you are applying for medical visa).
  • No criminal or immigration-related convictions, otherwise you cannot apply.
  • Having a job, financial asset, home, or family, you will need to have any of these. You will have to convince the immigration officer that if anything happens to you in the country you visit, there is someone who will take you back to your motherland.
  • You will need to have enough money. How much that depends on how long you will be staying, where you will be staying.

Who Cannot Apply for Canadian Visa? 

Not only Canadian visa, but some people also cannot apply for any kind of visa who has

Different Types of Visa 

As we have mentioned earlier, there are more than 70 visas, but here we are only demonstrating the most popular ones and how to get them. Have a look.

1. Tourist Visa

This is the most popular and very easy to get a visa. It is basically for travelers who like exploring different countries. Usually, you can get tourist visa’s very easily if all your documents are okay. And people get extra benefit who has other visas on their passport. Having a history of visiting other countries helps more.

However, find the Canadian embassy near you and go there in person. Make sure to have a valid passport and convince the immigration officer that you can afford the trip and will come back within the permitted time period. Tourist visas are usually granted for 6-months.

2. Working Holiday Visa 

This one is also kind of a tourist visa but with this one, you are permitted to work on Canada for a small period of time. There are three categories. With this, you can do any seasonal job in restaurants, farms, ski lodge, etc. However, for obtaining this visa having a valid travel document, your age needs to be between 18 to 35-years. You also should have health insurance of at least 2500 dollars, and round trip ticket, these are for convincing the immigration officer.

3.Young Professional Visa

This visa is for those who are looking for work experience. However, you can only obtain this visa when you have a signed letter of employment from a Canadian company. The validity period of this visa is around 1 to 2 years.

4. International Co-op Internship Visa

This is for the fresh graduates, if you got an employment offer from a designates Canadian company, you can get this visa, otherwise, you cant. The validity period of this visa is around 12-months. For the internship, 12-month is enough.

5. Study Visa

This one is also a pretty popular visa but a little tough to get. One can only obtain this when he or she is accepted on a publicly funded post-secondary educational institute in Canada. With this visa, you are allowed to work part-time as well. The validity of this visa is around 4 years. For this you need to have enough bank balance, you will need to provide the bank statement.

6. Express Entry Visa

website. After uploading all your documents, you will get a CTS score. This score is given based on the documents uploaded, the higher the score the more chances to obtain the visa.

The average score is 372. But if you get a nomination under the PNP (provincial nomination program), that will get you a score of 600 along out of 1200. However, once your application gets approved you can apply for permanent residency.

However, if you have the intention to get into the labor market and not applying via EES (express entry system) then make sure you have a Canadian work permit. If you have that, you can apply through the following two streams.

  • Provincial Nomine Program
  • Business Immigration Streams

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Provincial Nomine Program: In Canada, each province has its list of in-demand jobs. From skilled to semi-skilled to unskilled, all jobs are listed there. From labor, truck drivers to engineers and IT profession, people of all professions will find a suitable job for them. You will have to apply for a nomination from a province in order to get the visa.

Business Immigration Streams: Under this, there are four different types of programs, given below.

  • Self-employment program.
  • Start-up visa.
  • Entrepreneur visa.
  • Business visitor visa.


Getting a Canadian visa isn’t an easy job for sure. Since that is a well-developed country, you will have to go through a lot of procedures, and still, there is no guarantee that you will get the visa. However, a tourist visa is easier to get compared to others. However, if you have no idea about a Canadian visa, this guide will give you an idea about how to get a Canadian visa. Hope this helped.

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