• June 20, 2021

How to Choose the Best Travel Backpack: A Full Guide

Having a perfect backpack on the shoulder always makes our journey easy. It’s the first rule of travel, choose a lightweight, durable, multiple gear carrier in short space and gorgeous looking backpack. If it’s the first trip of yours then you can’t imagine how much a backpack affects our journey. And if you have previous experience then I don’t need to tell you separately, the benefits of choosing the best backpack for travel.

Backpacks are specifically made and designed for young enthusiastic travellers. Passengers can take their daily untamable necessary goods up to the hard hill and even in the deep dark sea by placing them in a backpack. You could keep all your essentials at your arms reach with the help of a backpack.

As the backpack will be your 24 hours associate and it will carry your all essential items, you have to be careful choosing the right backpack. While selecting the backpack some factor and matter should be taken into account. So, let’s see what are those topics and the proper guideline on how to choose the best travel backpack.

Things that Matter for Choosing Best Backpack:

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With a backpack, you can move from here to there freely, don’t need to put an eye on the luggage, it saves energy, also protects from being embarrassed in some cases and the chance of losing baggage is lesser than zero per cent. It provides us with a lot of conveniences.
So, what’s the thing we should keep in mind while choosing the best backpack for our travel?
1. Size
2. Durability
3. Feature
4. Safety
5. Trip kind and length
6. Price

Size of a Backpack:

We all know the mass uses dialogue “Size doesn’t matter”. But for finding the best backpack, size does matter.
Whenever you are planning for a trip always try to use a small and lightweight bag. Travel backpack has small, medium and large size. It’s always good to prefer the medium size one. With this one, you can bring all the necessary gear on the path. If you can’t put all your stuff inside the bag see the packing organising and it will solve the problem.
35-45 litres weight backpack is perfect for travel. 50-65 litres bag is quite large, for carrying lots of gear you can use, but it’s not recommended.
And another thing is, carrying a heavyweight backpack may cause back pain and certainly, it will make the trip less fun.

Quality and Durability of Backpack:

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Before buying any backpack, must checking thing is, the durability and the quality of the bag. Whenever we buy a bag, we want to use it for at least two or three years, it’s not something like one-time use and then we will throw it out. Indeed, we won’t be able to tell which one is a strong backpack just by seeing them. So, here are the tools you need to examine to check the backpack durability and its lifespan.
First, make sure it has a strong and smooth zipper. If the zippers break down somehow, then you will lose your equipages. Next, check your desired backpack leather, fabric, nylon and materials. And lastly, check if it’s weather resistance or not.

Backpack Features:

Reading the backpack features part from the catalogue is the most important thing. A backpack comes with many features but obviously, you can’t find all the features in a single backpack. So, before selecting your backpack make sure it these features in it.
The first feature we need to look into the backpack is its waterproof ability. Nowadays, most of the backpack has internal frames feature, don’t buy an external frame bag. Confirm that the backpack has a hip belt, then the weight will fall on the hip, not on the back. Ensure your backpack shoulder straps are made of good cushions, this will give you comfort in carrying the bag. Having a sleeping bag compartment and straps could be useful, even if you don’t carry any sleeping bag.

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Backpack Safety Option:

We all are familiar with the “safety first” phrase. This is no different in terms of backpack choice.
Traveller has to go in many places and most of the time they don’t stay in a luxurious hotel. Travellers normally stay in a cheap motel where the thief and wicked people always move around. Passenger has to go through many bad neighbourhoods, they sleep under the open sky without any protection.
So, it’s not an uncommon incident to be a victim of theft and robbery. Don’t be discouraged by this, facing this situation is rare. And unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening.
So, always be cautious, try to keep your backpack at your arms reach and buy a backpack that has a zipper lock.
Another thing is, keep your travel insurance, passport and essential document in the daypack. You could add a GPS to your bag but that’s not very helpful.

Depends on the Kind of Trip You Are Taking and Its Length:

Choosing a backpack also depends on your trip length and trip kind. If you going out for 12 months then certainly you will different which is designed for 12 days trip. And obviously, you can’t use your Egypt backpack up in the Himalayas mountain.
So, you need to learn about the backpack first then you have to decide whether it’s suitable for your journey or not.
Read the backpack manual and catalogue carefully, follow the company and users instruction. This will build up a clear image in your head about the backpack. And also read the review section for a better view.

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Backpack Price:

Price is an undeniable fact in terms of choosing the best backpack and need think, consider and had to be handled very wisely.
A travel backpack is usually very expensive and costs more than 100 dollars. If you are not ready to expense this much then we have some idea for you.
Singed up for mail updates, this will give you a discount. Wait for the occasion or holiday season discounts. Visit different kinds of e-shop, they provide many discounts offers.


Well, we have described all the important factor to chose the best backpack. Following them, step by step will lead you to your perfect backpack. And the final suggestion for you, after packing all the goods, walk with the bag for 15/20 minutes. If you feel comfortable and easy then good unless removing some stuff will help, and take another handbag. Hope you find the article useful. Don’t think twice, contact us for any kind of help.

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