• June 22, 2021

How to Eat Cheap and Healthy while Travelling | You Should Know

To stay strong, healthy and fit we must take healthy food regularly. When we are on the road, travelling far away, leaving the old home town and going to a new place, that time maintaining food quality is hard. But eat healthy on the journey is very important and must do duty.

We struggle hard, face many problems, lead an unstable lifeline while travelling. So, our body needs proper food and nutrition in the journey unless we will become sick and weak. And that’s the last thing you want in your journey. With vulnerable and unwell health conditions you won’t be able to enjoy the trip. And your mind will not accept the beauty of new land if your health isn’t good. So, maintaining a healthy food supply for your body is important.

To stay healthy on the journey and to avoid tiredness and illness after the trip ends, we need to eat healthy food on travel. Here we prepare a guideline for travellers those who want to maintain their food plan on the road, so let’s see how to eat healthy while travelling.

How to Eat Healthy While Travelling

Eating healthful food while travelling will certainly make your trip more interesting and warm. You can easily cooperate with the new place and on the road if your body gets proper calories. But it’s hard to maintain the food habit on the trip. From my lots of travelling experience, I have learned some great lesson to eat healthy on the trip. And advice from experts food and nutritionist helps a lot.

By following few simple rules you can easily maintain your diet routine and eat wholesome food. Let’s see the chart.

  1. Don’t miss your breakfast.
  2. Take vegetable with your every meal
  3. Eat often and little
  4. Always carry a water bottle with you
  5. Try to cook by yourself and order healthy food at the restaurant.
  6. Take non-perishable snacks with you.


1. Take your breakfast:

As the health expert says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, don’t ignore the value and need of a perfect breakfast. This will keep your metabolism well and will burn calories. The nutritionist also says that breakfast assists to


restore blood sugar level which we need to generate energy for muscles and brains to work.

In the breakfast avoid foods that contain high sugar and fats, cause they don’t help to meet the necessary protein. In your breakfast menu, you could add fruit, a bit of honey, peanut butter with toast, banana, low-fat milk, baked beans etc.

And lastly, try to stay in a hotel that has breakfast convenience.

2. Eat Veggies and then it’s a perfect meal:

Whenever you are planning to eat something don’t forget to take vegetables on your plate. Divide your meal into two parts, make half of it with local delicious food and fill your other half meal with veggies. That’s how you could enjoy both rich food and vegetables.

We all know how much vegetable does for our health. They contain low amounts of fat and calories. It’s the source of so many nutrients. And vegetables are good enough to full fill all of our nutrition need.

So, when we are on a journey, there is no comparable better food line than vegetables. And doctors also suggest veggies for travellers.

3. Try to eat often and not too much at a time:

The law and rule of the eating system are, eat often and not too much at a time. And this is also the key to staying healthy.

It’s not with a travelling case, we always forget to eat timely. And most of us eat while we are so much hungry and the hunger went beyond our control. Then we run for the neatest fast-food corner to cool down our stomach system. It happens more than ever while travelling.

So, try to avoid this action. I am not against rich food but loaded your belly with junk food is not a good idea, especially when you are on a trip.

By eating often and little, you won’t have to face this problem, and you will have control over yourself and your hunger.

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4. Carry a water bottle with you:

carry bottle

Water plays the most vital role in the health care scenario. It always the most important and necessary element we use daily. By drinking the proper amount of water every day helps our body to stay healthy. And on the travel, we lost so much energy, so drinking water is a must.

How many litres of water one needs to drink in a day while travelling? Normally, for a man, 3 litres is good enough and for a woman, it’s 2 litres. But when for travellers, they need to drink extra one litres, mostly if you are visiting warm weather place.

Water ensures our hydration level. It demolishes and gives us the strength to combat fatigue. That’s how we could stay sunny, sportive and focused even though we are on a long journey.

5. Order healthy food at the restaurant and sometimes cook by yourself:

Don’t let your hunger control you when you are about to order food at restaurants. Select your food and restaurant wisely. Order vegetable, try local foods and importantly read restaurant and food review. You have the right to eat rich and heavy, just don’t eat too much and you will be fine.

And you could choose the accommodation that has a kitchen, then sometimes you could cook.

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6. Bring non-perishable snacks with you:

All the experienced travellers and doctors suggest that always bring non-perishable food with you. Like, protein bars, dried nuts, jerky etc. This prevents you from the ravenous situation so that you could choose healthy foods and not driven by greed.


Most of the times it happens that, we spend our time very excitedly on the trip. So, our mind doesn’t send single that our the body needs food. We eat anything and untimely on the road. It doesn’t affect instantly but we suffer from this after the trip end.

To prevent those after travel problem and to eat healthy while travelling follow our guideline and you will be fine. Contact us for any kind of help, we are here for you.

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