• August 17, 2020

How to Stay Safe While Traveling [Most 5 Tips]

Travelling is always exciting, it is another addiction. Getting caught up the thrill of exploring new places, new people, new rituals, these are something else. However, with all the exciting vibes, there are some risks associated with traveling as well which can turn your entire experience. Different areas, different people, and different mindsets, anything can happen. But should that stop you from traveling? Hell no!

You would travel but with proper safety. The better you prepare for it, the less you will suffer. We have designed this very guide on how to safe traveling. So if you have a traveling trip planned ahead, make sure to go through this guide.

1. Research 


As we mentioned earlier, different places, a different mind. Wherever you plan to visit, do your research about the situation there. How are people there, how friendly are they? The best way is to read the reviews of travelers who have been there before. Know the weather, is that too hot or cold and then pack accordingly. And find someone in that destination whom you can call when you are in trouble such as police station, embassy, or anyone who can help.

2. Don’t grab attention

Do not dress or act in a way that will grab other’s attention. Because when you will look like you are from another country, you will be more vulnerable to trouble. Do your best to blend in. Choose simple clothing that wouldn’t attract eyes. And be careful when you are talking. Don’t roam around empty places, that could be risky.

3. Copies of documents 


One mistake that almost every beginner traveler makes is, not making copies of important documents such as a passport. When you are in a different country, there is a high chance that you will be needing to show your passport or other documents often. So make hard copies of the documents, keep photos on the phone of the documents, that will be safe because you want to have to roam holding your passport in hand always. Plus, if somehow you lose your documents, that copies will and photos will help you to get back home.

4. Keeps your family updated


Doesn’t matter whether you are going on a 1-kilometer trip or overseas, do not hesitate to update your family or friends. When you are leaving for traveling, give copies of your itinerary to your family or friends, so they will be able to keep a log on you. Tell them where you are going, so that they will know where you are supposed to be in unfortunate situations.

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5. Public WiFi

Do not use public Wi-Fi, sometime it could be a trap and very risky. Using that means you are sacrificing information on your phone. It could be your personal photos, videos, back documents, passwords, credit card info, etc. However, there are some VPN which gives safety but still careful.


There is a lot you can do to increase safety. One suggestion for you is, don’t go solo. Always go with someone and don’t hide where you are going and what you are doing, tell everything to trusted people, they could be your family or friends.

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