How to Travel with Cat | Travel with Your Lovely Cat

Traveling with a cat is always challenging. Cat becomes scared in a situation where she has never been before. They do not enjoy traveling. A cat becomes easily stressed, smelling new things and a new environment.

If you have a cat, you would want to take her with you on a vacation or your business trip. But how will you travel with your cat without harming your cat? We will explain different methods to travel peacefully with your cat.

How will you prepare for a trip with a cat?

If you plan for a trip with your cat, you have to prepare you and your cat first. We don’t recommend you to to keep the cat on your lap while traveling. A cat running inside the car can distract you while driving. It would be best if you use a cat carrier. It will keep your cat safe from all the possible injuries.

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You have to take your cat to a veteran at least ten days before your trip. Make sure your cat is entirely healthy to travel. Follow all the recommendations given by the vet. Don’t forget to bring all the previous medical records of your cat, if you are planning to travel overseas.

How to travel with a cat by car?

If you travel by car, make sure the cat’s career is tightly closed so that she cannot get out. Wrap the cat carrier with a large towel to make her comfortable. Thus, your cat will be less distracted by the unfamiliar atmosphere. Sometimes driving causes nausea and vomiting. So, it would be better to have an extra towel with you.

The cat doesn’t like noise. So, when you drive, make sure all of your car windows are closed. Do not play any loud music while you are driving with your cat. Most importantly, don’t forget to feed her time to time.

How to make your cat calm while traveling

In several ways, you can reduce the fear of travel and make the trip more enjoyable. Cat doesn’t like any unpleasant smells. Spray cat-friendly perfumes to keep the environment cat friendly.

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Some people use cat anxiety pills to make her calm. But, I would say this isn’t a good idea to do. It may give you quite the opposite reaction. To keep her calm and quiet, always be with her and talk to her. It will make your pet feel more secure and safe.
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After a long ride, your cat will feel exhausted. Give her some time to recover from the stress caused by traveling. Do not rush to wash her once you reached your destination. It may make her angry. Give your cat some extra space to get used to the new place. Cat does not accept the new environment quickly; it takes some time to get used to it. If you see your cat look stressed, pet her for a while. For my cat, it works most of the time. Cat enjoys a good company.

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