• September 19, 2020

Is it Safe to Fly Right Now Due to Coronavirus? How to avoid the risks of flying

Are you thinking of getting on a plane to your destination? Is the flight safe during the corona time after lockdown? Many such questions are running through our heads.

Honestly, the answer to this question is a little complicated. From airport restaurants to immigration checking, health risks are everywhere on your journey. No one can guarantee you a hundred percent safety. However, the real question should you travel by air in such a situation.

We discussed with some medical experts and received mixed reactions. Most of the medical experts advised being cautious about air travel.

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Is the air clean on a plane?

Can the virus be spread through the air? There is no concrete scientific explanation for this. However, previous research suggests that airborne viruses are less likely to spread.

The virus can be transmitted through the passengers sitting next to you. However, passengers seated in a seat some distance away from you are less likely to get Coronavirus.

At present, airplanes have a very modern quality air ventilation system. Its current filter system kills all kinds of viruses in the air.

While the aircraft’s modern air ventilation facilities will keep you safe, aircraft crews’ movement can hinder this process.

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Other Possible Risks on a Plane?

If no one is sitting in the seat next to you, yet you are not entirely safeā€”the 2003 pandemic SARS virus was found in patients infected without sitting next to SARS positive patients.

However, scientists discovered the infection did not occur on a plane but in the airport area. So be very careful at the airport immigration or waiting lounge. You have to refrain from touching anywhere.

The virus can survive for hours, even days in some places. So don’t hold the washroom door without hand sanitizer and gloves. These areas are usually at high risk of contracting the virus. Touching these areas increases your risk of contracting the virus.

There is a high risk of contracting the virus through flight attendants. Passengers are more likely to be infected if a flight attendant is infected with the Coronavirus.

Possible Risks at Airport


At present, print and electronic media sharing news about the Coronavirus. The ordinary people have become much more aware than before. Given the current situation, the airport is relatively less likely to be infected with the Coronavirus.

In recent times, everyone maintains social distance. Airport Authority is strictly following these rules. However, the air ventilation facility at the airport will not give you coronavirus protection. Airports usually do not have an air filtration facility.

The most likely coronavirus infection can be during check-in. The condition is expected to spread to airport restaurants and public toilets. So try to avoid airport restaurants and public restrooms as much as possible. According to reports, most of the patients infected with Coronavirus at the airport have been infected from public toilets and restaurants. It would help if you avoided such public places for your safety.

Are airlines and airports taking enough preventive measures?

In recent times, several airlines have started operating flights on their domestic and international routes. However, Corona changed the aviation industry completely. The new aviation rules included social distancing and safety.

Some North American airlines, such as Delta and Jet Blue, have vacated the middle seats. European airlines operate flights with less than 50 percent of their capacity.

A team of researchers has found evidence that if the seats in the middle of the plane are left empty, the chances of getting infected with the virus are reduced by half. So, most airlines follow the rule when operating flights.

Almost all airlines are disinfecting the entire aircraft before each flight. Every passenger is being disinfected with disinfectant before entering the plane. Every passenger receives complimentary hand sanitizer and sterile tissue. The use of a face mask has been made mandatory for every passenger. PPE has been provided to the aircraft staff. All aircraft staff must wear PPE.

North American airlines have made it mandatory to wear face masks from the airport to plane takeoff. However, the airlines have advised wearing face masks at all times.

These rules may vary depending on your location. The obligation to wear a mask is relaxed while eating. These new rules will be communicated to you at the time of air ticket confirmation. You will also be asked to bring your medical certificate.

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How can you be saved on a plane?

Refrain from traveling by plane at this time to stay completely safe. Cancel vacation trips outside your country. It would help if you didn’t travel anywhere unless its an emergency. But if it is essential, travel by air with caution.

It would help if you remembered a few things before air travel, the place you’re going, and the time of departure. In various geographical locations, the coronavirus transmission virus is increasing. Some areas become hotspots for the Coronavirus. On the other hand, some countries such as China bring down the virus infection under control. If you are planning to travel to Brazil, India, or Italy, you must be extra careful. Refrain from traveling to these countries unless necessary. At present, the virus is spreading in these countries at a rapid rate.

Most airlines currently offer hand sanitizers and masks. But it would help if you personally carried hand sanitizers. Before boarding the plane, disinfect your seat. Before handing any place, you must disinfect it with hand sanitizer. It works best if you wear a pair of gloves.

Keep all your essential documents in one zipper. Write your name on the front of the zipper bag. Book a Window seat on the plane to stay safe. Having a window seat makes you less likely to encounter strangers. If you are traveling as a group on a flight, try to sit together. This will protect you from contact with strangers.

Final Words:

We try to give you all the possible information on whether air travel is safe. Your safety measures can protect you from potential health risks during this epidemic. Therefore, precautionary measures should not be taken lightly in the case of air travel. One wrong decision can be fatal for you and your family. So for your and your family’s safety, take the utmost precaution in case of air travel.


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