• August 18, 2020

Most 7 Mysterious Places in India That You Must Visit

Are you interested in supernatural affairs? Do you like to visit haunted places? If your answer is yes, then India would be the perfect tourist spot for you. India is known for its thousands of gods and goddesses.

They have a long history of the hidden spiritually.

There might a big debate about whether anything supernatural exists or not. But if you believe in supernatural, this article meant for you. So, I will share with you ten haunted Places in India where you will have a kind of spooky feeling when you visit the places. If you love adventure and want to find something new, then these places will give you pleasure.

1. Jatinga Assam – Where birds commit suicide

Jatinga is a very small village in Assam. At first glance, you would assume this village is like other ordinary Indian villages. There is a secret hidden in this village surrounded by green hills. Every year towards the end of the rainy season you will see this mystery.

After sunset, when the villagers return home after finishing all their work, thousands of guest birds commit suicide in this village together. The incident continued to be regular for several days at that time. If you listen to the explanation that the villagers believe, you will have a kind of ghostly feeling. They believe that supernatural spirits kill these birds.

2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan


Bhangarh fort was built in Rajasthan in the early seventeenth century. At that time this place was the heart of Rajasthan. The place is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. The Department of Archeology of India has enacted a law banning the entry of all people after dusk. (Taking into consideration of ghostly incidents)

Folklore has it that in the 16th century a Tantric name Singhia fell in love with a very beautiful princess of Bhangarh. Although Tantric knew he would never get the princess. So he uses his magic spell to get close to the princess. The princess finds out about this and she executes Tantric. Before the execution, the Tantric curses the place always be roofless and remain a cursed place.

Locals believe you cannot return if you enter the fort after dusk.

3. Roopkund, Uttarakhand- Human skulls found in the lake


Every year when the ice starts to melt, a lake is formed about 16,500 feet above. Thousands of human skulls found floating in this place at this time. According to the research of archaeologists, these skills are at least 12 hundred years old.

No one has been able to decipher this mystery yet. Who were these people and what were they doing in such a harsh environment in the Himalayas? According to various legends, these are the skills of King Jaswal, his wife, and hundreds of slaves who were on a pilgrimage to the foothills of the Himalayas. Before they reach their goal, they fall into a snowstorm and have tragic consequences. However, these are just myths, there is no hard evidence to support it.

4. Dow Hill, West Bengal

The place is located in a hilly area of ​​Darjeeling. Next to a boarding school for boys. It is believed that there are thousands of ghosts in this place. While walking along this road, you can hear various strange noises. Numerous dead bodies were found in the area and most of the deaths could not be determined. According to local people and tourists, there is a heartless boy who walks around who suddenly hides behind trees. He can’t be found later.

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5. Gyanganj, Himalayas- where everlasting people live


There are thousands of puzzles hidden in the snow-covered Himalayas. We know various stories surrounding the Himalayan mountains and their adjoining places. This place is such a mysterious place. It is said that all Tantrics and saints live in this place. They have been living in this place for hundreds of years. It is rumored that they will never die. The locals call them Shambhala – the word Shambhala means wise or prudent man. They meditate in the foothills of the Himalayas and acquire knowledge about God.

They choose such a remote place to hide from the technology and way of life of the modern age. They never want to expose themselves. Many people believe that even though they do not appear in the modern world, they influence the world in many ways with their spiritual knowledge and power.

They become part of Himalayan puzzles. However, becoming a common man they disguise themselves from normal human beings. If you want to go to this inaccessible place, you have to face many natural adversities.

There is no communication infrastructure in this place or any facilities in the modern world. From the last connected place, you have to walk for seven days to reach this place.

6. Lambi Dehar Mine- Abandoned ghost place

Once upon a time, this place was crowded with thousands of busy people. But now the place is an abandoned mine. It is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. Due to the very poor working environment inside the mine, a large number of workers died while working here. Folklore has it that their spirits still wander around Maine. In this place, you will hear many strange sounds and cries. Usually, very few people dare to look inside the mine. If you are a brave and adventurous person then this place will attract you.

7. Kongka La Pass, Home to Aliens

This place is located on the disputed border of India and China in Ladakh. This place is 16 thousand 970 feet high from the plane. No one from the Indian or Chinese army patrols here. The local people avoid this place. They believe there are aliens in this place. According to the locals, strangely shaped creatures are often found in this area which is not similar to any other creature on earth.

Due to this, the place is known as the abode of aliens. Since the place is located in the existing part of the two countries. So the movement of common people is forbidden in this place.

If you really want to see the place with your own eyes, book a flight to Leh Gami plane from Delhi. You can get a lot more detailed information by talking to the local people. Recently some research teams went there and talked to the local people. However, they could not reveal any such information. Experts speculate that there may be a type of animal that zoologists have not yet discovered. The animals may have been referred to as aliens by the local people.

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