• September 19, 2020

Is it Safe to Fly Right Now Due to Coronavirus? How to avoid the risks of flying

Are you thinking of getting on a plane to your destination? Is the flight safe during the corona time after lockdown? Many such questions are running through our heads. Honestly, the answer to this question is a little complicated. From airport restaurants to immigration checking, health risks are everywhere on your journey. No one can…

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visit london

Why You Should Visit London at Least Once in Your Lifetime | Dream City 2021

London is one of the most attractive tourist destinations around the world. The city never sleeps. Every year millions of people travel to London. If you are a travel enthusiast, London should be on your future travel destination. This place has a long history of English culture and heritage. I would share five reasons why…

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london hotel

Best Cheap Hotels in London City 2020 | With Free Cancellation

London is an expensive city to visit compared to a European city like Budapest. Many expensive hotel and restaurant chains are available in London. But if you are on a tight budget, you need to find some affordable hotels in London. In recent times, many small hotels offer accommodation for budget travelers. A massive number…

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travel document

10 Essential Documents When Traveling Abroad | Do not Miss Those Documents

The world is more connected than ever. We need to travel continuously from one place to another. To travel, we need to prepare countless documents. However, there are some documents that are very important for your travel. Before traveling, make sure you have the necessary documents with you. Today I will share 10 essential documents…

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Most 7 Mysterious Places in India That You Must Visit

Are you interested in supernatural affairs? Do you like to visit haunted places? If your answer is yes, then India would be the perfect tourist spot for you. India is known for its thousands of gods and goddesses. They have a long history of the hidden spiritually. There might a big debate about whether anything…

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Top 5 Travel Gadgets – Make Your Travel More Enjoyable

Gearing up for your next destination? Must be really excited right? Obviously! In the excitement, some travelers often miss out on things that they later regret not carrying. For example, if you feel like lying on the beach shore but don’t like sand going all over your body and itching, wouldn’t a mat work great…

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How to Stay Safe While Traveling [Most 5 Tips]

Travelling is always exciting, it is another addiction. Getting caught up the thrill of exploring new places, new people, new rituals, these are something else. However, with all the exciting vibes, there are some risks associated with traveling as well which can turn your entire experience. Different areas, different people, and different mindsets, anything can…

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canada visa

How to Apply for a Canadian Visa in 2020 | Apply for Your Visa

Decided to visit Canada for grabbing new opportunities? There is no doubt that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries but apart from that, this very country is somewhat affordable as well, compared to others such as the USA. Plus, it is a peaceful and friendly country. However, getting a Canadian visa isn’t that…

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