Top 5 Tourist Places in Jammu and Kashmir | is it Safe to Travel Jammu and Kashmir?

Though Jammu and Kashmir tourism place critical areas about the violence, the places are still provided its tourist attraction a lot. There are couples of charming places I found which provide a unique feeling. If you are a bird of nature, Jammu and Kashmir are some of the best places for you. Whatever you don’t like the nature view, you may also go to these places just for one time.

I discuss here the top 5 places that help you get the best natural feeling within my mind. The places are not complicated to see the view. So, let’s check out the places without delay.

  1. Jammu


This is my first place for you. Jammu is the southernmost tourist spot, which comes with lots of beauty in nature. It is also called Kashmir’s winter, which helps you a perfect holiday of your summer time. The place is also known as a peach of the city because of its religion and another factor. If you think that you pass your holiday with peace of mind, you will surely choose this place to spend your holiday.

  1. Sonamarg


Do you love to see the awesome hill which likes to touch the sky? Definitely, this place is one of the best choices for you. You will discover around 2800 KM sea level, which provides you organic view. Every year lots of tourists come here and visit the place to spend their holiday. You, you will also keep this place on your visiting place to get the best experience.

  1. Sanasar

This is another awesome place to visit in winter. It is mostly known as a lesser-known hill station, which provides you an awesome view of the hill. In the evening and morning, you will see the awesome view of the sun and others. The field and trees are awesome looking for camping. So, you and your family also camp here for a day.

  1. Anantnag

Anantnag is one of the most beautiful places in Jammu and Kashmir, which provides you cloudy feelings. It likes the kingdom of cloud, which instantly provides you an awesome feeling. The place also used people’s commercial trade, allowing you to buy fresh foods and other things. It would help if you did not miss this place at any cost.

  1. Dachigam National Park Tourism

This is my final selection for you. The place is evergreen and able to provide you a natural view. The park has ten village memory, that means the place contains the villager’s minds and nature. This awesome place provides you an awesome stone and capturing the beautiful view. Overall, you will enjoy your time a lot.


Finally, you will visit the Jammu and Kashmir tourists place for my selection list. The places are the most tourist attraction place which provides you a unique view. I hope that the information helps you a lot to select the right place. If you are still confused, let me know the below comment box to get the best suggestion.

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