• November 9, 2020
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7 Amazing Places Where to Travel in December 2020

Travelling is an excellent investment for your health condition. Travelling in December means you are now full of holiday or you want to visit a warm place to escape from the winter. So, where to travel in December is a question that your mind.

However, you will get some natural places from this article, which helps you a lot to make the right decision to visit the right place. No matter your travel preference, there’s a perfect place in this world. In 2020, let’s check out the below warm place, which helps you a lot to visit the place in the proper way.

  1. Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany

If you want to spend your Christmas time in a warm place, indeed, this Cologne place is suitable for you. The city has belonged to the 7 main Christmas market, which provides you with an excellent feel. If you think of visiting this place, you should not miss the Cathedral market, which has the largest Christmas tree that looks great. So, you can visit this place for great fun and enjoyment.

  1. ST. Thomas, USA, Virgin Islands

ST. Thomas

It is a summer beach that is truly well enough for December time visits. The Hurricane season is over; the flight cost is cheap, so you can spend your time more enjoyable with a little amount of cost. It is one of the most tourist spots in the USA. You can travel to this place by boat, and surfing with great fun. If you are a beach lover, surely this place is suitable for you.

  1. Kyoto Japan

Kyoto Japan

If you think about a Japan visit, you should not miss this Kyoto place. It has a fun and festival market in which you can shop for so many imported goods. From December 8 through the 17th, so many people come here to see the bamboo forest. You can also enjoy one of the most important things and fun when it comes to the New Year.

  1. New York City

There is really nothing to like about the holidays in New York City. In December, New York has extreme cold, and you may think that you are freeze. But the whole city decorates with excellent light, and the people of New York enjoy a lot. You can discover the original beauty in December month. For this reason, you can see the awesome view of your family.

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  1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Your December trip may not be full-filled when you miss this place. You can see the excellent morning and sunniest. Every year, this place occurs, one of the biggest New Year parties in the world. December is summertime here, so you can enjoy your travelling time here without any cold issues. I hope that this place provides you with an awesome feeling when you enter the party.

  1. Quebec City, Canada

The place is located in Eastern Canada, which looks like the 19th-century view. It also belongs to the cold in December but better than North America. You can celebrate the Christmas party at this place like the traditional view. You will also achieve some Christmas markets like the Garman Christmas market. There are couples of Christmas parties and markets you will achieve from this market.

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  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is my final December visit place. In this place, winter is cold, but you can not feel that because of the lower cold area. On December 7, Nob Hill shines bright for the star and view the place truly well enough. You will find here the ABQ BioPark botanic garden, and you can also see the river of lights. Overall, it is an eye-catching place to visit in winter in December. So, if you think about visiting the December trip, surely you can select this place.


Overall, visiting the perfect place means you enjoy the most from another place. I already discuss the upper place for you and try to mention the popular things about the place. So, if you think that you want to spend your valuable holiday in a warm site securely, you can choose any of the upper options.

On the other hand, December has Christmas, New Year, and other vacations, which you can enjoy the upper place much better than others. If you are still confused, let me know the below comment box to solve your issue instantly. I think you find your question answer Where to Travel In December.

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