• August 28, 2020
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Why You Should Visit London at Least Once in Your Lifetime | Dream City 2021

London is one of the most attractive tourist destinations around the world. The city never sleeps. Every year millions of people travel to London. If you are a travel enthusiast, London should be on your future travel destination. This place has a long history of English culture and heritage.

I would share five reasons why you should travel to London. These reasons will encourage you to discover London in a new way.

Shopping and Food Destination

London always welcomes people who love shopping. There are plenty of shopping chains and boutique shops available throughout London. No matter where you go, you will find restaurants and shopping malls. Many new married couples visit London, especially for shopping.

London has a diversity of food and culture. During the period of colonization, people came from different parts of the globe to London. They also brought the culture and food with them. You will find many Chinese, Turkish, Indian, and other restaurants here and there in London.

If you want to grab a good beer, London always welcomes you. Many bars and pubs are scattered all around London city.

Free museums in London


The art and culture of London attract many tourists to visit London every year. You can enjoy many rare arts and different cultures at the museum without any cost. Some museums, mainly British film institute, British museum, and London museum, do not need any entry fee. For this reason, you would always see the museums of London crowded with people.

These museums have many rare artifacts, and you wouldn’t see anywhere in the world. Much precious creation of arts is displayed in those museums collected from Africa and Asia.


Football is one of the many reasons to travel to London. English football leagues have a large number of followers around the world. If you want to witness Chelsea’s classic rivalry vs. arsenal, you should come to London. You will see some of the best football players around the globe play here.

A true football fan must visit the Emirates stadium at least once of his or her lifetime. Tottenham versus West Ham games creates extra excitement in the London stadiums.

Best Place for Outdoor Fun

The British capital has many parks and open spaces. Many botanical gardens, London parks, and the London zoo are widely known for outdoor activities. There are also many small parks such as Bushy Park and Green Park available in London.

You will need a few days to a week to discover the whole city. This city will amuse you at every moment.

Thames River, how can someone forget about this famous river in London. Your visit will not be completed until you visit this famous river. In the afternoon, thousands of people go for a walk. This river is also considered as one of the romantic rivers all over Europe. The new couple makes wishes at Thames river. I know some people will say these are prejudice, but it’s fun to watch it.

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